Elder of the Year

Each year, Sitnasuak Native Corporation and the Sitnasuak Elders Committee honors an Elder for their many contributions and dedication to our community.  

In 2017, the Corporation and Elders Committee selected respected Elder Sadie Reddaway for this recognition. 

Sadie Reddaway Elder of the Year 2017

Sadie Reddaway was born in Nome in 1939 and is one of 14 children of the late Bert and Lydia Bell. Her father was from Solomon and her mother born in St Michael.  Sadie grew up in Nome and married Bob Reddaway.  Together they raised 3 children: Clark, Keith and Tracey.   

Sadie models grace, a quiet strength, and humility over the many years in Nome both personally and professionally. Sadie is a dedicated community volunteer supporting the Bering Sea Women’s Shelter, Nome Emergency Shelter Team, Beta Sigma Phi, American Cancer Society and Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church.  She doesn't like to be out in the front of things, but you can be sure she is not afraid to make her voice heard.  

She also reminds others to keep challenges in perspective, that there is always someone out there who has it worse. She often reminds her children and grandchildren to count their blessings. She carries herself with a spirit of grace and thankfulness, even when faced with difficult times.