Business Philosophy

At Sitnasuak our business philosophy guides and measures our success according to a triple bottom line:

Profitability, Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability.

We constantly pursue excellence in these three areas which incorporates sustainability directly into our business decisions.  Our business conscience and ethics flow directly from our Iñupiaq cultural values.  

Our quest for a strong business philosophy has been a 40 year journey that has been guided by our Alaska Native cultural values.  Sitnasuak was created as a result of the Alaska Native Claim Settlement Act of 1971 (ANCSA).  This federal Act is based on the premise that for-profit corporations provide the best vehicle for serving our Inupiaq and Alaska Native community, who are the proud owners of our village corporation.  Since our formation in 1972, we have sought to adopt best practices from our indigenous culture blended with the global business community. 

Key values that define our business culture are:

  • Culture
  • Character
  • Contribution

 These key corporate values encompass respect, integrity, transparency, hard work, a powerful commitment to attract and develop the best people, and Inupiaq traditional values.