Education Benefit

The SNC Trust can make scholarships for postsecondary training and education with qualified beneficiaries so they may develop or obtain the skills, training, experience, degrees, certificates and knowledge necessary to participate in the modern economy.

Shareholders can access the CACHE application website, and apply electronically/online. The CACHE website represents a number of regional agencies, including the SNC Trust, which have partnered together for a combined application to provide a streamlined scholarship process.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact SNC’s Shareholder Relations Department at 907-387-1200 or toll-free at 877-443-2632 or via email at .


Deadlines to Apply

Term or Type Application Deadline
Fall Term Graduating high school seniors – annually April 30.
All others – annually June 30
Spring Term Annually December 1
Summer Term Annually April 1
Job Training Made three times annually (April 1, June 30, December 1)
Specialized short-term training programs may be awarded 2-weeks prior to the start of training

Scholarship Amounts

Category Scholarship Amount*
Undergraduate university/college full-time $1,500
Probation $500
Undergraduate university/college part-time $750
Probation $250
Graduate university/college full-time $2,000
Probation $500
Graduate university/college part-time $1,000
Probation $250
Vocational & job training full-time $1,500
Probation $500
Vocational & job training part-time $750
Probation $250
Short term job training $500
Probation $100

* Full scholarship amount requires a G.P.A. of 2.0 or equivalent for all categories.