Parent Company

Our Mission is: To Earn Profits on Operations While Protecting Our Land, Culture and Benefiting Shareholders.

Sitnasuak Native Corporation is the parent company which successfully oversees a family of businesses in Alaska, California, Virginia and Puerto Rico.  Sitnasuak is led by an 11-member Board of Directors, and we employ nearly 1,500 individuals through our corporation and subsidiaries.

Our businesses and brands include Bonanza Fuel, Bonanza Express, Fidelity Title Agency of Alaska, Mat-Su Title Agency, Nanuaq, Mocean, SNC Technical Services, SNC Manufacturing, Aurora Industries, Sitnasuak Properties, Sitnasuak Applied Technologies and Sitnasuak Construction Services.  Our business activities include the following: quality fuel storage & reliable delivery services, residential apartments, commercial office buildings (office & retail), title & escrow services, property management & development, technology & cybersecurity services, construction services, and tactical apparel manufacture & sales.

Today, Sitnasuak is the largest of the 16 village corporations in the Bering Straits region and headquartered in Nome, Alaska.  We have about 2,900 Shareholders.  

As background, Sitnasuak is one of the Alaska Native village corporations created by the U.S. Congress in 1971 under the provisions of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), settling land ownership issues between the U.S. government and the Indigenous peoples as the owners. Sitnasuak was incorporated in 1973 as a for-profit Alaska Native Village Corporation.  ANCSA regional and village corporations selected land in and around Alaska Native villages in the State of Alaska in proportion to their enrolled populations.  Sitnasuak is entitled to 242,544.090 acres of our indigenous lands surrounding Nome – 232,174.645 is patented with a remaining entitlement of 10,369.445.  In addition, the Corporation received 81,280 acres of land of which the subsurface resources are owned by Bering Straits Regional Corporation (BSNC).

Our Executive Staff

President & CEO
Vice President, Human Resources
Chief Financial Officer
Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Vice President, Corporate Administration