Sitnasuak Messenger E-News First Edition

Sitnasuak Messenger
@Work for our Shareholders | Edition: January 12, 2018

Welcome to the first edition of the Sitnasuak Messenger!

Our corporation is doing great work both here and abroad, and there is much to be proud of. So much so that your Board of Directors feels it’s important to communicate openly and often. To this end, we will be sending an electronic newsletter to supplement our quarterly Venture newsletter. The Sitnasuak Messenger will be issued as E-news, and I encourage you to share this with friends and family so that they, too, may subscribe and keep informed.  To subscribe, please email

Chairman Robert “Bobby” Evans

On Track to Achieving Our 10/10/1,000 Goal

As we settle into this new year, it is with great pleasure I can inform you that Sitnasuak’s financial strength has never been better, and that we have a solid business plan in place to continue to grow your corporation. This financial strength allowed us to issue a 2017 dividend of $6.20 per share, keeping the dividend per share value above $5 for the eighth consecutive year. We are proud to have issued each of our Elders a 2017 special dividend of $500, a demonstration of your Board’s commitment to those who have contributed so much to us. The 2017 dividend distributions enabled us to give back to all of our Shareholders while maintaining the financial stability of your corporation.

Staff and management are working towards the Board-established goal of 10/10/1,000, our strategy of achieving a sustainable $10 million in consolidated net profit, a sustainable $10 per share regular dividend and a sustainable special $1,000 Elders’ dividend by 2019. That’s a huge goal in a very short period of time. To achieve our goals, we anticipate strategically investing up to $30 million in capital over this coming fiscal year to grow our current family of businesses and capitalize on new business opportunities. It’s time to pursue new, large orders and contracts with greater returns.

We plan to do a much better job of keeping you informed this year. Not only will you be receiving this E-newsletter, also look for much more robust social media information and engagement.

Quyaana for the opportunity to guide this great corporation to even more success.

Bobbi Quintavell President and CEO

Annual Meeting Awaits Court Ruling

Many of you have asked, “What’s going on with the annual meeting?” The short answer is we are waiting for legal proceedings to resolve. The court determines when those decisions will come, but we will let you know as soon as we can.

Steady Growth Positions Sitnasuak as Business Leader

It’s been an amazing year and we continue to climb in the Alaska Business Monthly’s Top 49 Alaska-owned and operated companies. Today we rank #24, up two places from 2016. The Top 49ers represent Alaskan-owned and Alaskan-operated companies ranked by gross revenues. “This ranking and recognition by Alaska Business Monthly shows Sitnasuak is a leader in the Alaska business community,” said Board Chairman Bobby Evans. ”Over the last seven years, we have seen steady growth and positive changes with an eye toward always improving. Sitnasuak is a great company delivering results to Shareholders and the Alaskan economy.”

“It takes a dedicated team to accomplish our goals and grow businesses, with many hours of hard work and commitment,” said President and CEO Bobbi Quintavell.

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2017     24             $130.2M

2016     26             $116.9M

2015     35             $ 88M

2014     34             $ 93M

* Note: revenues are based upon audited financials from the previous year