Talent Bank

Sitnasuak is developing the Shareholder Talent Bank to assist shareholders and the Corporation in working together for the future success of our Corporation by collecting Shareholder skills and qualifications. Please click here to access the form.  Submitting your information to the Talent Bank does not constitute a job application. If you are interested in applying for a job please visit Employment Opportunities and apply accordingly.

Sitnasuak is also compiling a directory of Shareholder owned businesses - please click here for the form.

You can submit your talent bank form and/or Shareholder business directory form to Shareholder Relations Manager Rebecca Neagle at rneagle@snc.org.

We look forward to having the information on the skills, career interests, qualifications and businesses on file and ask that you keep in mind that is your responsibility to keep your profile updated. 

If you have suggestions, questions, or concerns, please contact Rebecca Neagle, Shareholder Relations Manager, at rneagle@snc.org or via phone at 907-929-7000.

The talent bank is in development and, like our Corporation, its success depends on your input and feedback.

Quyaana for your interest!